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    MolliChaff Complete


    25) Match the diet to the horse: (4)

    Diet 1) Calmer Complete, Timothy HorseHage

    Diet 2) HoofKind Complete, High Fibre HorseHage

    Diet 3) Condition Complete, Ryegrass or Alfalfa HorseHage

    Diet 4) Mollichaff Veteran, Ryegrass HorseHage

    Horse A: 12.2hh overweight pony in light work (1) (required)

    Horse B: 16.1hh novice eventer, tends to drop weight (1) (required)

    Horse C: 27-year-old pony, not laminitic, struggling to eat hay, dropping weight (1) (required)

    Horse D: Very sharp PC pony, holds weight fairly well (1) (required)


    26) Suggest a diet (including approx. quantities where relevant) for the following individuals: (6)

    27) Name the product and give an example of the type of horse/pony it is suitable for: (5)


    How would you like to be contacted? (required)

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