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Why Feed HorseHage Ryegrass

We’ve created this handy guide to help horse owners looking for a forage that provides additional energy and protein without extra sugar.

This is ideal for horses such as:

  • Older horses and those who struggle to maintain their weight
  • Sports horses and those in active work
  • Young horses and lactating mares that might need extra support

HorseHage Ryegrass

HorseHage Ryegrass is the original HorseHage product and has continued to deliver consistent reliability and quality for over 40 years.

Although cut from the same selection of ryegrasses as HorseHage High Fibre, it is cut at a slightly earlier stage of growth.

This is to provide optimum protein and energy levels.

Feeding the Competition Horse

Feeding the competition horse correctly can prove to be quite a challenge.

For these individuals not only is it important they receive the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals, but they also need their diet to provide the correct amount of energy.

Too much and the horse may become too sharp, meaning a loss in concentration not to mention control; too little and there’s the risk of them running out of stamina and that all-important sparkle.

Learn how HorseHage supports optimal performance.

Feeding Older Horses

As horses and ponies age their nutritional requirements change, which means their diets need to adapt accordingly.

It is key to assess and feed your horse as an individual. Each horse grows older differently therefore their age should not dictate their dietary requirements.

In this article, we run through some general advice for ensuring your veteran horse stays as healthy as possible throughout their older years.

How to feed HorseHage

HorseHage vs Hay and Haylage

HorseHage, haylage and hay vary significantly in the production, preservation methods, nutritional value and hygiene content offered.

Many forages are not accurately tested for their feed value. 

This makes it difficult to maintain a consistent diet for your horse and in turn could hinder their health and/or performance.

Learn what sets HorseHage apart from hay and other haylage.

How to Feed HorseHage

Any changes to your horse’s feed, forage and grazing must be made gradually to avoid risking digestive upset.

In this article, learn:

  • How to introduce HorseHage into your horse’s diet.
  • How much HorseHage to feed.
  • How to store HorseHage.
  • and more…

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Find Your Local Stockist

Find Your Local Stockist

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