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At HorseHage, we are very aware of the current situation regarding single-use plastics and the impact it has on our environment. We are committed to providing the most sustainable products for our customers and partnering with packaging suppliers that have the same mission as us.

HorseHage & Mollichaff Sustainable Packaging

HorseHage horse feeds have a low sugar content due to the unique fermentation process that takes place within the bag. Therefore, the packaging is quite specific and the plastic material that is used must be semi-permeable to allow this process to occur. Fortunately, we have chosen to use a material that is recyclable at participating recycling centres.

The packaging for the standard Mollichaff horse feeds is also 100% recyclable, along with our sample bags. This includes Mollichaff Original, Extra, Applechaff, Herbal, ShowShine, Alfalfa Oil, Veteran and Donkey feeds. By working closely with our packaging suppliers in the development of the latest packaging technology, we can strive to produce maximum eco-friendly packaging.

Delivering Sustainability to You

As well as the product packaging itself, the materials used to transport our stock to you are sustainable too. The clear dust hoods and printed pallet covers used to protect full pallets of HorseHage are 100% recyclable and can be recycled under code four. Also, the clear chaff bottom sheets used under the full pallets of Mollichaff to protect the product are produced from virgin material, are 100% recyclable and can be recycled under code four.

HorseHage’s Pledge for the Future

We are proud of the developments we have made to bring you a sustainable product that you can rely on. We will continue to strive for further eco-friendly options wherever possible and will constantly update the products we use to meet these requirements.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Mark Westaway & Son recognise that it has an environmental responsibility and accordingly places a high priority on the management of its affairs.

The Policy sets out the company’s commitment to ensuring that sound environmental standards are integrated into all operations and that environmental standards are applied.

As an organisation Mark Westaway takes the requirement to comply with best practice of recognised regulations very seriously and due to this have been accredited with FEMAS, UFAS and NOPS.

Our Company is committed to sustainable development and will aim to protect and contribute positively to the environment. We will develop in a way that meets the needs of the present without diminishing the opportunities of those in the future. We will take account of the future generations, future employers and employees and consider what impact our actions now will have on their ability to manage, live and thrive.

We will seek to promote an awareness of corporate environmental responsibility. As a major user of physical, natural and human resources the Company aims to ensure that its operations are conducted in sustainable ways and we will set environmental objectives and develop appropriate systems to monitor and improve performance. As a responsible and committed Company, we will encourage the support and involvement of all employees and in addition, work with external agencies and interested parties to progress environmental initiatives and share and incorporate best practice. Through this we will protect the environment, including preventing any pollution and fulfil our compliance obligations.

In making a commitment to achieving sustainability and operating within a framework that includes economics, environmental and social factors, the Company aims to incorporate the principals of environmental sustainability into all aspects of our planning and operations.

The Company is therefore committed to the following aims:

     Integrate environmental management policies and practices into eery level and every area of the Company operations.

     Promote the protection of the environmental and minimise the impact of its activities on the local, regional, and global environment.

     Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and take such additional environmental protection measures as it considers necessary.

√     Promote the conversation and sustainable use of natural resources in all Company activities.

√     Maintain and improve our Environmental Management System.

√     Make efficient use of resources.

√       Reuse and recycle equipment and materials where possible and dispose of waste in an environmentally sensitive manner.

√       Promote sustainable procurement methods whilst seeking to persuade agencies and suppliers through its contracting policies to adopt an environmentally responsible approach to themselves.

√       Continually improve its internal and external environment.

√       Promote sustainable forms of transport.

√       Promote awareness and balanced understanding of environmental issues within the Company and to our Interested Parties.

If you have any questions or wish to find out more about our aims and goals, contact us today.

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