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Mollichaff Alfalfa Oil

Mollichaff Alfalfa Oil

A molasses free option for those with higher energy requirements or who struggle to maintain their condition.

Energy MJ/kg - 10.5

Protein % - 14

Fibre % - 33

Oil % - 9

Starch % - 2.8

Sugar % - 4.6

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Alfalfa, Soya Oil
  • Being a highly palatable form of ‘slow release energy’ it offers a natural alternative to cereal based feeds
  • Has a similar energy level to a medium energy hard feed
  • Naturally low in sugar and starch it will not cause the fizziness associated with cereals
  • With a generous dressing of pure soya oil this blend promotes a healthy coat
  • Designed as a high fibre complement to your hard feed or balancer

15kg bag

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