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Mollichaff Light Molasses Free
Mollichaff Light Molasses Free
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Mollichaff Light Molasses Free

The perfect low sugar and starch option for adding fibre to a horse or pony's diet, whatever their level of work.

Energy MJ/kg - 7.5

Protein % - 4.5

Fibre % - 32.1

Oil % - 8.2

Starch % - 3.9

Sugar % - 1.8

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Straw, Fibre Pellets, Soya Oil, Dried Grass, Limestone Flour, Salt, Flavouring

Low in sugar, starch, and calories, Mollichaff Light Molasses Free is ideal for:

  • Providing essential fibre for all horses and ponies
  • Horses and ponies requiring a diet that is low in sugar and starch
  • Those prone to laminitis
  • Overweight horses and ponies, and those needing a calorie-controlled diet
  • Horses and ponies showing signs of gastric discomfort
  • As a partial hay replacer for those with a low calorie requirement

Made from a unique blend of dried grass, straw, soya oil and flavouring, with added fibre pellets to stimulate interest and chewing.

Free from molasses, alfalfa, cereals, and preservatives.

Essential fatty acids provided by the soya oil help maintain healthy skin and promote a glossy coat, ensuring your horse or pony looks its best.

High in essential fibre to support a healthy digestive system.

12.5kg bag

Write a review

My very fussy pony is not normally keen on light chaffs, but my free sample of this product went down very well. The fibre pellets give it a bit of “crunch”, which he likes. It took him longer to chew this than other chaffs have taken, so his little feed lasted him longer.

Jane Bates

My two Welshies really liked the sample you sent. They can be quite fussy about feed at times, but this hit the spot and I’ve now introduced it into their feeding regime.

Colette Benstead

My fairly fussy cob absolutely loved this chop

Grace Woodward

Thank you for the free sample of Molichaff light free. It smelt really nice and Millie my shire mare ate it without a problem. As she is starting to get a ‘grass belly’ I shall start feeding her this.

Doreen Turner

Thank you for my sample. 2 out of 3 of my horses enjoyed it. The other thought it would be better off as bedding. I have used ur donky chaff for years since our old welsh pony started loosin his back teeth and was struggling with hay. It was at your horse live when I was first recommended the donky chaff for him,that’s what we have used ever since for all our pony’s. Many thanks for your amazing products Ann and the pony’s.

Ann Jeavons

I’ve had my 16hh TB on Molichaff Light Molasses Free in addition to his mash for a week now and he seems to love it. He’s just been treated for ulcers and has now got an impressive appetite! I was wary about switching product but he has had no problems with this and definitely prefers it to the chop I was previously giving him. The low sugar and starch, with a high fibre content is what he needs in his diet at the moment, with the bonus of being excellent value.
I’ll be buying this regularly now.

Susie G

Our veteran Connemara loves it. We need to keep his weight down and this is perfect. Suits our needs perfectly and our local feed store stocks it so we are happy.

Charmaine Jackson

Many thanks for the sample my two horses absolutely loved it I will be buying in the future.
I have already tried some of your other products

Liza Duhamel

My mini horse has EMS and has to be fed low starch and sugar, he also cannot tolerate Alfalfa and Garlic.
So I was excited to read about Mollichaff Light as it sounded ideal for my Harry. We recieved a very generous sample and Harry loves it, licking his tea bowl clean! It smells good and the little fibre nuts are an exciting bonus for Harry! A big thumbs up from us and a new feed room essential! Thank you!

Sarah Willard

My pony absolutely loved this feed and when it becomes available in my local shop I will definitely be buying it, it’s great value for money and has all the right ingredients and nutrients my pony needs

Alisha Gooding

Both my ponies were happy eating the mollichaff light and I would be more than happy to buy this if their usual hoofkind was not available I have been feeding this for years and they love it

Steph Treeby

Horses loved it will deffo be buying

Ruth Twiddy

My horse needed a higher fibre diet but without the calories of a hard feed as he is a very good doer and without molasses due to digestion issues. This has worked wonders and he is getting everything he needs


Cob cross enjoyed it very much


Absolutely perfect for my 2 elderly cobs, who absolutely love it and happily changed over from regular Mollichaff Original. This should really help in maintaining / reducing their weight.

Heather Laird-Ruocco

I used this for my very fussy donkey who doesn’t find chaff feeds appetising. She loved this and the fibre pellets kept her interested in it and looking for more.

Tracey davies

Ponies loved this feed. Thank you very much fit the free sample will definitely be buying for them in the future.

Carol Tuxford

Lovely product was nice and low in sugar and starch and smelt lovely
The horses loved it,
I think this is going to be their new feed
And an excellent price

Miki Waddington

Mollichaff Light Molasses free, bought this after receiving a free sample, I use it to bulk out Mollichaff Hoofkind for my laminitic Connemara, low sugar and starch plus no Alfalfa. Flynn seems to enjoy it.

Christine Thomas

Our laminitic pony loves it!

Angela Parkin

Mollichaff Light Molasses free. The sample I received looked good. My horse loved it. I will be buying this product from now on.

hazel haskayne

I requested this sample as I wanted something that my horse would eat and not be too fattening she loved it and have already purchased for her. It’s also a good priced food.

Charlotte Phillips

I requested a free sample of both this & the complete for my new horse as I wanted to find a good value product which suits him whilst fulfilling all his nutritional requirements. He seems very happy. As a good doer that needs very little in the way of hard feed, both products seem to tick all the boxes, as I can bulk out the complete with the chaff to give him a little extra without adding calories.

Maxine Hodkinson

Received a free sample very quickly and both of my ponies seem very happy with it. It’s extremely good value for money compared to other brands.

carly Yates

My 3 Shetland ponies loved the sample. The three have had Laminitis in the past so would be interested in buying a sack for them .Thank you so much for the sample xx


Thank you for sending the sample, my EMS pony and ulcer prone horse both loved it. I was worried that they wouldn’t be keen and the sample allowed me to try out the feed without worrying that I could have an entire bag go to waste. I have a full size bag on order. Thanks again.

Rebekah Thurston

I needed something with low cal and energy for my chestnut mare that she would eat, so she can get her supplements. Tried a couple of other ones but she wasn’t fussy for, but this is great, and a good price too

elaine muir

I needed something with low cal and energy for my chestnut mare that she would eat, so she can get her supplements. Tried a couple of other ones but she wasn’t fussy for, but this is great, and a good price too

elaine muir

My fussy mare wasn’t keen at first as she doesn’t like change but now she loves it. Thank you for my free sample

Mandie Harrowell

Horse loved it and she can be fussy. Trying to find a local stockist as current feed merchant couldn’t source it for me.

Jane Connor

My pony has not long been put on prascend and has gone off most feeds but he licked his bowl clean with this sample.

Judith Henderson

My horse really likes this chaff as it’s so healthy he can have a nice big feed and I don’t have to feel guilty about giving him diet dinner portions! Also really like the added pellets in it. Overall 10/10


Thank you so much for sending the sample. Both horses lick the bowls clean, so we are swapping to the Molasses Free.


Received my sample today. Horse loved it and licked the bowl clean


Horse found the molichaff light still very tasty without the molasses. Waiting for our local farm shop to stick this item to use properly.

Paige Cunningham

I received a sample of the light molasses free, thank you.
Our pony that we requested it for really liked it, once I have finished the chaff I had already brought him I will be changing him to the light molasses free chaff.


Thank you for the free sample. It smells delicious and I like how it is very soft and not spiky. My 2 chunky cobs soon munched it all up. I will definitely be buying this for them now .

Michelle Bennett

My Shetland hoovers up the Mollichaff Light and can get a good quantity to substitute her forage when she is on restricted grazing which is great for her gut and mind. A great product.


My Irish cob Holly loves it she is a good doer and always hungry so this did seam to satisfy her wil be feeding her this from no on thankyou for the sample 😊

Julie Jones

My 29 year old likes this one he normally has Herbal or Apple chaff

Sandra Isaac

Many thanks for sending the free sample. My 23 year old rescue pony found the chaff much easier to eat than the other senior chaff he eats. Smells nice too. Will be buying some. Many thanks

K Chapman

My horse loved it and wanted more
Perfect chaff for my boy


Thank you for the sample of Mollichaff Light Molasses Free. My Traditional Cob loves it and with it being less than 2% sugar I can be generous. He does like having a ‘bucket feed’ but he gets a bit silly on anything higher in protein and sugar so this suits us both !

Jane Dale

My pony loved his free sample, he devoured it all which is unlike him has he’s very fussy. I will purchase this chaff once my local feed merchant starts stocking it.


Thank you so much for my sample, my pony has absolutely loved it! We will definitely be switching to this chaff as it’s so low in sugar and a palatable for my fussy pony who has EMS. She has been on Hoofkind Complete since being diagnosed in 2018 and Timothy or Highfibre Horsehage. Before this she was always on either the Showshine or Apple chaff. The light molasses free has got slightly less sugar than the hoofkind so is even better for her and wonderful to know that she will eat it!

Amelia Smith

Great. At long last a very low sugar chaff that’s palatable and doesn’t contain alfalfa! Now to find local stockist….

Libby Thorman

Hi, many thanks for sending the light molasses free sample, both my highland and mini shetland enjoyed it. They’re comment was the sample bag was not big enough. I will be looking for a local stockist. Many thanks again

karen seymour

Recieved my free sample thankyou pony eaten up and will be buying a the no alfalfa and. Low sugar and protein content

Judy douthwaite

Tried a sample of this. My horse is very fussy but he loved it will deff be buying this for him even smells nice ty


received my free sample and smells lovely – my pony enjoyed it and he is a really fussy feeder

Karen Gray

received my free sample and can honestly say its not dusty and smells lovely – my horse really enjoyed it

thank you

tracy eden

Found this product via advertisement on Facebook & headed straight to purchase it both my welsh d geldings love it also let others know about it & they have since moved from different brands over to this great value for money & both horses love it

Stephanie cochrane

Tried it on my 30 year old shetland.
Like the product, only trouble no one stocks it in my area. Have all our feed delivered,so cannot run around for a couple of bags.

Janet Gregory

We have been looking for a molasses free feed for our very good doer to have her suppliments in, she is also quite hot so no extra fuel needed! We tried one and for the 1st time ever she stated leaving half her feed. Ordered a free sample of Mollychaff Lite and tried her on it and she gobbled it up so we just started her on it and she’s eating her feed again. Also as a bonus it’s a really good price too!

Pat Stewart

Very pleased.
I requested a sample of molasses free chaff and the sample arrived very quickly. They were very helpful. My mare enjoyed the sample so I will be heading to food store soon to stock up.
Thanks again


Very pleased.
I requested a sample of molasses free and sample arrived very quickly and they were very helpful. Lovely chaff and I will be heading to feed store this weekend to stock up.
Thanks again.


My mare loved it! She can be fussy with feeds, and it is important I have something she enjoys so that I can ensure she receives her supplements. I wanted something palatable without the molasses so this has worked perfectly!


All of my three loved the molasses free my 30
Year old Welsh my 18 year old shetland x and my 4 year old Welsh. Have bought several bags

Mrs Anne Gotel

The best chaff I have yet found. Perfect for my section D mare who so far I have struggled to find the right feed for she loves it & so does her companion Shetland XCob.


My old boy loves it. He does share it with the sheep though 😂 Highly recommend

Laura f

Fantastic product our boys absolutely love it and they are very fussy
One has to have a very low sugar content in his diet do this is just a great food for him


My two Welsh D’s are fussy with there feed especially when it comes to molasses free.
I am always very aware of their weight due to laminitis, this is perfect feed to those fussy horses and you want to keep their weight down but ensuring their getting all the vits and mins.
This is a must purchase. Highly recommended from myself and my geldings.


I have tried this on my horses and will be swapping to some of them to this permanently- it provides a great base for their feed and has a nice oil content to fuel work and give a shiny coat. Above all, they found it tasty unlike some other molasses free chaffs they have tried! It’s versatile as I will be using it for different breeds who have individual needs when it comes to selecting the perfect feed/fibre. Customer service & help is excellent from Marksway Horsehage/Mollichaff too!


My horses both loved it and licked their bowls clean. Wanted to add a chaff to add some more fibre to their diet and slow them down with their mash dinner without adding a lot of starch and sugar. This was perfect! One of my horses usually turns her nose up at other light chaffs but she’s sold on this one. Very happy.

Lauren Coull

My mare absolutely loved this. Smells great and also watches her weight. Highly recommended.

Antonia-Jay Stone

Thank you for my sample of your mollichaff light molasses free…. All three of my rescue shetlands seem to like it and I like the fact it had pellets in so not just a chaff so made it more interesting…
I’ve already brought a bag from my local feed store to slowly change them on to it… Thank you


Received the free sample thank you. both my ponies loved it. I have been to 3 local feed stockist that sell mollichaff and none of them have the molasses free in stock so I was a bit disappointed that I was unable to purchase any more.

Caroline Theobald

My big mare was not fussed on it at her first offering (I guess she is used to a higher sugar content), however when tried again she ate it all up. Fantastic idea and I will be swapping over. Hopefully she will now maintain a healthier weight.

Generous sample received which is appreciated. Super quick delivery too, thank you

Donna Harrison

Recieved my sample very quickly after requesting it to tempt my boy onto something with less sugar in it. He loved this chaff and licked his bucket clean. I will definitely be changing him onto this chaff when we go the feed shop.


received it not keen at first as not as sugary as he would have liked. but has eaten it every time since which is a relief as he had to have as low as sugar and starch as i can manage due to the ems and the laminitis. he now cleans his dish where as before there was always some chaff left in the bottom of the bowl


Recieved my free sample. Both my ponies loved it and I love the low %sugar content. Will def purchase this moving forwards.


Had a sample of the Mollichaff Molasses free and he absolutely loved it, he’s a total food critic so it was great to see an empty bowl.

Faith Kay

This new Mollichaff Light is perfect for my New Forest pony who has PPID and needs a low starch/sugar diet.He absolutely loves this chaff and I am hoping the high oil content will bring a shine to his coat.

Pat Redman

Received samples very quickly and horse seems to love it. Great it’s molasses free and tasty too.


Had a free sample of light molasses free,my pony loved it my daughter normally makes the feeds up for our 3,she said she preferred this chaff to our normal brand as its not so spikey and sharp,so thumbs up from both my daughter and our pony.

Elizabeth Lewis

so far so good with the big sample that you sent us – mr fussypants seems to like it!


All 4 of my fatties seemed to enjoy this – I shared the generous sized sample pack between them. As an owner I always like to use a chaff with a bit of interest so I felt the pellets were good for that. Not sure the horses care as much as I do but I’m the one paying! I found the smell a little like sawdust which was off putting but all horses licked the bowl clean so obviously didn’t share my sentiments.


My two shetties love this product! They get fat off fresh air but love to have a night time tea as part of their routine! This product fits just that. It lasts me a while too as theyre big bags!

Sam Marchlewski

Received a sample of the new light chaff and very impressed. The fibre nuggets are a great idea! Have swapped onto this from our existing well known light chaff.

Stephanie Macmillan

My mare has been recovering from peritonitis, grade 4 gastric ulcers and daily bouts of colic since June. I have struggled to find a healthy chaff which is low in starch & sugar, molasses free and alfalfa free that she enjoys and which is cost effective and easy to hide medication in. I sent off for a sample and it was a first time in ages that she licked her bowl clean, I will be ordering her a bag from now on.

Hannah Weeks

Horsehage provide such a good range of feed for horses. Their customer care is brilliant. My pony really enjoyed the new molasses free mix as he cant have anything really high in sugar so this is ideal! Thank you.

Stephanie Durman

My horse is very happy I have changed to MOLLICHAFF LIGHT. She looks forward to her bowl of feed and eats every last bit whereas the feed she used to have always had leftovers in the bowl – I think the dense pellets add interest to the texture too. Thank you 😊

Kate brown

My ponies love this! It is absolutely ideal to mix their vitamin/ mineral supplement into and a nice fibre top up for them too, bowls licked clean! It’s nice to find a chaff that’s low in sugar, starch and energy, yet still really yummy for them

Carly Skelton

My good doer loved the molasses free chaff I will be buying it in the future.

Ellen Knights

I have 2 small ponies who need their diet managing to ensure they don’t get laminitis. They were both really impressed with this product, clean bowls all round and low sugar. Will definitely be buying more supplies ☺️

Helen Grunwell

I have a very fussy cob with Ems and she demolished this! Deffiently recommend and will be buying again!

Elena Evans-Hernanz

My 26 year old loves this chaff. She cannot manage hay anymore so this is perfect for putting in a big bucket for her ( the bowl was licked so clean she would eat the whole bag if I let her )

Polly-anne Parr

Received a sample very promptly and am really impressed. All my ponies are on a “no sugar” feed regime and this fits the bill perfectly and they all loved it. Will definitely get a few bags when I run out of the current one.


This is ideal for my Spaniard, who if he had his way he’d eat anything in sight. This chaff makes him take his time in eating and that’s a good thing. Great value for money too. I’d recommend to anyone who is wondering which chaff to try.
Yvonne (Vonny) Grice

Yvonne Grice

Compo absolutely loved it. Usually eats his hay first, but wouldn’t take his face out of the bowl until it was all gone

Christine Sigurnjak

Fantastic! It’s difficult to find a suitable chaff that does not contain alfalfa and which my cob likes! – she has mallanders and alfalfa sets it off, although she is greedy and eats other suitable chaff you can tell she doesn’t really enjoy it.
Tried the sample pack tonight and she loved it!

Emma Redden

Such a good product! I have all 3 of mine on currently and they all love it. Good value for money too!

Sam clarke

We tried our 3 horse’s on the new Mollichaff Light yesterday. I can honestly say they liked their bowls clean even the fussy pony who has lately been leaving her chaff.

Cindy Carey

Fantastic chaff and even my fussiest eater loves it!


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