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Mollichaff AppleChaff
Mollichaff Applechaff

Mollichaff AppleChaff

Delicious lightly dressed option to combine with your hard feed.

Energy MJ/kg - 7.5

Protein % - 4-6.5

Fibre % - 24

Oil % - 0.8

Starch % - 0.5

Sugar % - 17-22

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Straw, Molasses, Apple Pieces, Apple Essence, Limestone
  • Irresistible to the fussiest of feeders
  • Contains real apple pieces
  • Promotes a natural high fibre diet

12.5kg bag

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My two mini horses loved the Apple Chaff. So much so they were fighting over it!

Michele Raworth

Requested a sample and it was well loved and consumed fast by my babies (of the animal variety). Absolutely no complaints.

Hannah Clegg

Lovely smelling, open textured chaff. Great for disguising medicine and the appleybits are a welcome extra. Would definitely recommend. Thank you for your very generous size sample too!!

Wendy Hall

I received the sample thank you. My horse is not well and has been very difficult to tempt to eat hard feed. The Apple Chaff is helping to combat this as she does enjoy it. I have since bought a bag from my local stockist, so keeping my fingers crossed she continues to enjoy it!

Jennifer Swordy

Both of my fussy eaters love this , they both used to pick through and leave some of the old chaff.
The bowls are licked clean every time now, Iā€™m so pleased I changed.
Each bag is lovely and fresh and smells delicious šŸ˜€

Lydia James

Firstly I could have eaten this myself it smells so good šŸ‘ our Shetland chased me around the yard to get at the free sample bag once she smelled it. Our 4 year old who is a fuss pot really enjoyed the applechaff, it was lovely to see her tucking in. I’d recommend this 100%.

Justine Warner

Was sent some free samples which arrived very quickly and my fussy mare loves this! Am now on my third bag from our local stockist, hides everything if you need to add any meds etc and goes down quickly

Natasha Watts

A handful of this makes the medicine go down in a most delightful way!

Susan Mills

My horse loved this sample! Really like the smell of this, and so did my horse.It definitely hides his supplements that he is fussy about with the apple.

Georgina H

took the sample to my local horse yard! the girls there simply loved it! thankyou for the chance for them to try out your product.

Mell Orford

My extremely fussy feeder loved the sample pack and us now in the apple chaff permanently šŸ˜

Hayley Lamb

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