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Mollichaff Veteran
Mollichaff Veteran

Mollichaff Veteran

A tasty, fortified chaff for older horses that need a little more from their feed.

Energy MJ/kg - 9

Protein % - 7.8-9

Fibre % - 23

Oil % - 4.5

Starch % - 1.5

Sugar % - 10.5-15

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Grass, Alfalfa, Straw, Linseed Oil, Soya Oil, Molasses, Vitamin and Minerals, Mint, Nettle, Salt, Limestone
  • This high fibre forage blend is designed to complement the forage ration where necessary
  • The soft, short chop is ideal for those that may struggle to chew their feed.
  • High oil for condition, shine and slow release energy

12.5kg bag

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My 24 year old is a fussy eater but he thoroughly enjoyed his sample of Veteran Molichaff. It disappeared fast. He had no complaints. Definitely a hooves up from him. We will be purchasing this product for sure.

Emilie Murphy

My horse loved this sample! It smelt very nice with the nettle and mint

Georgina H

My elderly Shire mare loved her sample bag.. And I’ve already purchased a bag to keep her going..
She drops weight towards the end of winter and this has made a difference for her.. She’s also got awful teeth but the short chop makes it easier for her to eat

Louise mercer

Sample arrived really quickly and our 22 year old veteran loved it. Will definitely be purchasing in the future.

Mrs Alison Lacey

Really quick to receive a sample of this food to try with my horse. Safe to say that she loves it. I love what is stands for and all that it contains. And the fact that it all got eaten as well just shows the amazing quality. Will be purchasing for sure!!


My 33yo pony loved this.. Is easy finding something he really likes as hes aged but he was happy to eat this mixed with his food last thing and have it on its own to eat during the day.. Iv tried the cherry and the showshine but this was most definitely his favorite

Linda Rees

My horse loves this!!

Mrs Lisa willmott

Looking for something palatable and nutritious for my 26yr old going into spring and summer. She loves this and it’s so easy for her to eat. Lots of shine in her coat as well.

Kim Parry

My 24 years old mare loved the free sample I had sent to me. 5 star will be getting a bag for her she loved the mint in it.

Janice Mosley

My 24 years old mare loved the free sample I had sent to me and will be purchasing a bag for her.Sample sent quickly thank you.

Janice Mosley

My 29 year old likes the veteran and the light not sure which one to go for

S Isaacs

My older boy loves it!! Never licked a bucket out so clean before, really enjoyed it. Even my young mare wanted a try! Sample sizes are really good instead of the normal small ones you get. Easy to request a sample and the customer service is amazing!

Kendra Keith

Really lovely chaff for the older mare

lucy bensley

Horse loves it, Brilliant to be able to order a sample size to see if he ate it.
Customer service is of the highest I have come across, so Thank you for all your help!!

Lucy Bardgett

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