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The HorseHage range provides an ideal forage for ALL horses and ponies. HorseHage is consistent and reliable and contains nothing else other than pure grass in the Ryegrass, High Fibre and Timothy varieties. The Alfalfa variety contains just pure alfalfa.

HorseHage is dust free, making it ideal for when your horse has to be stabled for extended periods of time, and comes with a 100% quality guarantee.

It contains NO chemical additives, NO mould inhibitors, NO flavourings, NO molasses and NO inoculants. PLUS due to the unique fermentation process, the sugar in HorseHage is considerably lower than other forages such as hay.

HorseHage is more digestible than other forages, allowing more efficient utilisation of the available nutrients, and because it retains so much of the nutritional value of fresh grass, HorseHage helps to improve condition and adds a natural bloom to the coat.

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