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Mollichaff Herbal
Mollichaff Herbal

Mollichaff Herbal

A high fibre chaff with the added benefit of natural garlic and herbs for all round health and vitality.

Energy MJ/kg - 7.5

Protein % - 4-6.5

Fibre % - 24

Oil % - 0.8

Starch % - 0.5

Sugar % - 15-19

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Straw, Molasses, Garlic, Mint, Rosemary, Golden Rod, Limestone
  • Mint and garlic are traditionally used to help maintain a healthy respiratory and digestive system
  • The garlic acts as a natural fly repellent
  • Blended with rosemary and golden rod – a natural way to stimulate your horse’s appetite

12.5kg bag

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Love the smell immediately upon opening and no commplaints at all from the equine food tester.


My horse is a big fan of garlic and loves this chaff. Sample came very quick. Will be ordering this from now on.


My two little Shetlands loved the apple chaff sample ! .. I’m definitely going to be buying this for them . They seem to like a variety of chaff .. so IL be testing out the others too . Two happy little ponies . Thank you .

Julie Theobald

Paddy loved his sample of the herbal mollichaff. So much that I have purchased a bag for him. It has a lovely smell too it. Happy horse.


Yum said Zar who really enjoyed his herbal sample. Smell was very appetising and it must have tasted good as it didn’t last very long. Would certainly consider swapping to this mollichaff product in the future.

Sharon Moore

Tina really enjoyed her Mollichaff herbal, I will definitely be purchasing it for her in future

Lisa Corcoran

Destiny and Charm loved their free sample of herbal, it made a lovely change to the Mollichaff extra they are used to. I will definitely buy this for them and maybe also try apple also.
It des smell delicious a slight smell of curry.

Janet wadham

My friends horses loves it so much! Such as good food for the horses and smells so nice too. So many good nutrition and minerals in to helps the horses look pretty and healthy.


Skip really enjoyed his free sample of herbal chaff. He didn’t need to be hand fed it at all.

Elizabeth Wright

All my horses love Mollichaff Apple and the free sample of herbal mollichaff too!

Louise Makepeace

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