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Mollichaff Calmer Complete is a highly palatable, complete fibre feed containing a balanced blend of fibre pellets, oat straw, dried grass, herbs, soya oil, vitamins, minerals, limestone and trace elements. It is suitable for horses and ponies that are prone to nervousness or excitability. It contains a carefully formulated combination of camomile, lemon balm and mint. Mollichaff Calmer Complete supplies elevated levels of magnesium, as a diet deficient in magnesium can result in increased muscle contraction, making the horse less able to relax and more likely to become excitable or ‘fizzy’.It contains Vitamin B1 and B12.

Mollichaff Calmer Complete is low in sugar and starch, providing limited controlled energy from high quality, digestible fibre and oil-based ingredients, making it an excellent feed for horses and ponies that are easily excited. It can be used as the sole concentrate feed as it contains a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement. Mollichaff Calmer Complete carries the HoofKind logo to show that it is safe to feed to horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

The following table is intended as a guide only. Good quality forage should also be offered to complete the diet. Remember that every horse is an individual and should be treated accordingly.

Height (Hands)
Weight (kg)
Quantity (kg)
of Calmer per day
11 – 12.22001
12.2 – 13.23001.5
13.2 – 14.24002
14.2 – 15.24502.25
15.2 – 16.25002.5
16.2 – 17.26003

The average weight of a level Stubbs scoop (volume 2.6 litres, bowl diameter 23cm, depth 10cm) of Mollichaff Calmer is 0.45kg)

• Always feed at least 1.5% of bodyweight in total food per day (including forage), even to overweight horses and ponies.
• Always weigh feedstuffs, particularly when feeding horses and ponies that are overweight, excitable or prone to laminitis.
• Feed dry or damp according to preference.
• As with all new feedstuffs, introduce gradually and increase quantities as required.
• Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.

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